Jake Update: 3/14/16 Story-time Edition

The Boys
Dad, Jake and Jason

Jake Update: 7:00 p.m. 3/14/16

Update,  update, who’s got the update. Well things are what they are. Sure there are details like numbers and percentages but really, Jake was never really about black and white. He was more of a “color outside the lines” kind of guy. So tonight I’m just going to tell a story about Jake.

I was young, maybe 9ish and Jake was 3ish. So this is clearly a child’s recollection viewed as an adult. Our Dad, Ron, would sing Jake to sleep every night… for several years. Every night at bedtime I would hear him singing. Jake would slowly drift off and Dad would slowly soften his voice until the song was a whisper and then just silence.

From my perspective I thought, and I remember very clearly thinking, “What a friggin baby”. As an adult and a father I think about how sweet it really was. Instead of our Dad just turning on Jake’s TV (THERE WAS NO INTERNET!!!), he sat there on the floor next to his bed and sang a sweet lullaby. This burly, bearded, softball playing business man was there on the floor making his little boy happy and probably making himself happy too. Rubbing his head, scratching his back. Just him and Jake.

This is the song he sang. Of course it was out of tune, the wrong pitch, tempo and arrangement, but his version none the less. I think of this song often. Love you Dad. Love you for being a Dad. Capital-D Dad. Click below to listen…

Hug your kids.

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