We Can Feel You…

#WakeTheJake #WakeUpJake
Jake and our mom Vera at Disney World

I just wanted to take a second to say a few things to all of you out there.

First, we… can… feel… all of you. All of you out there praying or sending positive energy or donating or just reaching out and saying you’re with us… we can feel it. When Jake’s friends text me or call or message me wanting an update… I can feel it. It’s real. We can feel it.

Second, thank you. I think I can speak for Ron and Vera and Jasmine when I say, thank you. Thank you all. The outpouring of help or wishes or donations or messages to stay strong… thank you.

You have been my foundation when I’ve wanted to just crumble and cry. When I’ve wanted to just crawl up in my bed and hide under the covers you’ve pulled me out and given me hope. When I have run out of tears you’ve replaced them with your own. When I’ve needed just a hand on my shoulder to steady my soul I’ve felt every one of you. Felt it in my heart and soul.

As long as Jake has you he will be strong enough. As long as it takes to #WakeTheJake I know you’ll be there. Thank you. We love you all. We feel you all. Keep praying, keep wishing, keep hoping.

Thank you.


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