Jake Update: 12:00 p.m. 3/17/16

#WakeTheJake #WakeUpJake

Jake continues to improve physically albeit with baby steps. New Neurologist has started Jake on Acyclovir as a treatment for a virus on the chance he might have a particular type of virus. The Neurologist said it’s like encephalitis and we should take this shot even though the drug will have a negative impact on his kidneys. So he will be on this drug for a bit. We hope and pray it will wake him up. He has been moved to MICU which is a lower level of intensive¬†care. His lungs are functioning better and they removed another tube from his pleurae cavity. 2 gone and 1 to go. I’ll take all the tubes in the world for a single look in his eyes and know he’s looking back.

#WakeTheJake #WakeUpJake http://gofundme.com/wakethejake


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