Jake Update: 9:00 a.m. 4/5/16

The first picture of Jake awake!

As many of you know JAKE BOOTH IS AWAKE!!!! I actually had a chance to talk to him this morning, I was talking and he was listening, and according to our parents he knew who I was and started crying. Probably because I told him I stole his hat and I’m not giving it back until he asks me for it. But most likely because he’s been in a come since February 22nd. But maybe because of the hat. It’s a real life miracle.

Jake is in and out again between sleep and awake. His ability to focus seems to be for a short amount of time. He is on the trach collar and breathing on his own. I think when he realizes his situation he gets sad. We continue to re-enforce how well he is doing and that he is getting better. We believe the more positive we are with him, the better.

He’s got a loooooong road ahead of him and he and his family need lots of help. Please don’t stop praying. Please stop by and donate to his GoFundMe… https://www.gofundme.com/wakethejake.

#Miracles! #WakeUpJake #WakeTheJake #JakeIsAwake


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