Jake Update 4/9/16


So here is your update for today from Jasmine. Don’t forget we NEED visitors today and tomorrow. For more info check the Facebook page.

It’s going well…Jake just fell asleep. He was yelling at me that he could walk and said wtf. He asked me why he was here and I told him everything that has happened. Showed him the video of eva and he cried. He knows who the president is and the year. He kept saying he wanted to get up and walk and said obviously he can walk. I asked the nurses if he could sit on the side of the bed..told him it was the first step he does not have control over his gait. He was trying to pull up on the nurses to walk. I supported his back while he sat up but did not have to use that much of my strength to support him. They laid his torso on the bed and asked him to lift his legs back into bed. With some effort he was able to lift both and get them in the bed.


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