Jake Update: 4/18/16


Jake Update: Jake Booth continues to improve daily. May remove tracheostomy tomorrow or Wednesday **Jason crosses fingers**. Almost Taco-Time bro. Had dialysis today so he’s probably exhausted. Other than that things are pretty good I’d say.

In other news I will be there in Ft. Myers from late Thursday, April 28 to Monday, May 2. I will be bringing Jake’s Hat. I can’t wait to give it back. Not sure if he knows about the hat or even cares about the hat. It’s important to me and I have to remind myself that he wasn’t in on the joke because he was napping. It’s symbolic. I stole it, told everyone I’d give it back when he asked me for it or he TOOK it back. Mocked him and his preeeeeciouuuuus. It’s happening. An honest to God miracle and I get to give it back. Symbolic. Look it up.

Got word today Jake will finally be featured in the Ft. Myers News Press. Look for it Sunday. On the cover. 🙂 I think this maaaaay be tentative but it looks like it’s happening. I put it here at the end just in case it’s not because this is more of a diary for Jake than anything else so when something happens I put it here. He’ll read this all at some point. Love you buddy. But… got word today that it’s a go. So… The Miracle in Fort Myers is going to go Global! Front page baby! Everyone needs a Miracle and Jake’s is Legit.

See you soon buddy.

#JakeIsAwake #Miracles


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