Jake Booth Feature in the Ft. Myers News Press


Jake Booth and his story of inspiration, triumph, bravery and a miracle. This will also be on the cover of the Ft. Myers News Press this Sunday (4/24/16). Video at the link as well.

If he had taken the last six pills in his prescription bottle, Jake Booth may not have needed the miracle that returned him to his family.

Had he finished his course of antibiotics, his family believes he could have avoided the heart attack, the coma, the feeding tubes and much of the agony the family’s been through.

While Jake was in a coma for 42 days, doctors didn’t think the Bonita Springs resident would ever wake. But his wife, Jasmine Stanley, never gave up.

“I know Jake will be OK,” she said, as he dozed in the bed at Promise Hospital in Fort Myers. “I just know it. I truly, truly believe it, despite evidence to the contrary. ”

Jasmine, Jake’s brother, parents and friends from Minnesota to Florida waited six weeks as Jake, 35, slept, weathering medical scares, emotionally crippling diagnoses, and difficult choices.

Then, Jake awoke. Three weeks later, he smiles. He laughs. He recognizes visitors. He does more each day.



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