‘Miracle’ Jake Booth eyes return home!

Photo: Amanda Inscore/The News-Press

Great feature in tomorrow’s Ft. Myers News Press about Jake going home. Great video. If you haven’t had a chance to go see Jake, then this will be an eye opener about the struggles he has ahead of him. He’s seen on the video talking in the first 10 seconds.


While he struggles to make himself understood, Stanley and Schwartz, remind him to take one word at a time. He calmly repeats the word until they understand it. Other words are clear: “thank you”, an “I loved it,” to the poster and warrior shield his co-workers at Fischer International made and signed, and sharing his opinion on presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who he calls “clowns.”

“The pace at which he has gotten to this point has shocked everyone,” Ron Schwartz said.

Booth also will go to physical therapy several times a week to improve his balance and fine motor skills. Stanley and Booth talk about the future, with his dream to work for the gaming technology company Cloud Imperium Games in Austin, Texas. She’s made a way for him to roll his wheelchair to his computer desk, and their landlord is wrapping up alterations to their home, such as a shower bar in the bath.

This is why we are pushing the GoFundMe so hard because he’s got such a long way to go even though he’s made enormous strides so far. Years of physical and speech therapy are ahead of Jake, not to mention the possibility that he may need a kidney transplant, and if his wife has to work several jobs to keep up with the bills it will just slow him down. So if you haven’t donated please do, even a single dollar will help. If you have donated we can’t thank you enough. Part of the emotion you see in Jake in the video is him knowing he has friends, family and to be honest a majority of complete strangers who have been awed by his purpose, drive and zeal to recover and have donated to his family. Thinking about that gets him choked up every time. He thanks you and so do we.

To read the full article or to see the video or both if you’re so inclined please click the following link:


We can’t thank Stacey Henson enough for all the hard work and attention she’s given to Jake and quite frankly all of us on #TeamJake. She’s an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see what else she got in store for us as her readers. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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