Jake Gets 1,500,000 Hits On His Taco Video!

13179333_1076011305775071_3720857042931935890_nThe counter keeps going up and up and up on his NowThis video… unfortunately his GoFundMe isn’t going up and up and up.

Even though Jake is AWAKE he’s got a long way to go before he’s out of danger. He needs a lot of physical therapy for everything from his speech, writing his name and even just walking to working on his memory loss and dialysis 3 times a week. So please don’t think that just because things have moved from negative to positive that he doesn’t need your help with a donation today. Even a single dollar will help him and his family and will go a long way to paying some of his medical bills, purchase medical equipment he’ll need in his home and future therapy.



Jake Booth Feature in the Ft. Myers News Press


Jake Booth and his story of inspiration, triumph, bravery and a miracle. This will also be on the cover of the Ft. Myers News Press this Sunday (4/24/16). Video at the link as well.

If he had taken the last six pills in his prescription bottle, Jake Booth may not have needed the miracle that returned him to his family.

Had he finished his course of antibiotics, his family believes he could have avoided the heart attack, the coma, the feeding tubes and much of the agony the family’s been through.

While Jake was in a coma for 42 days, doctors didn’t think the Bonita Springs resident would ever wake. But his wife, Jasmine Stanley, never gave up.

“I know Jake will be OK,” she said, as he dozed in the bed at Promise Hospital in Fort Myers. “I just know it. I truly, truly believe it, despite evidence to the contrary. ”

Jasmine, Jake’s brother, parents and friends from Minnesota to Florida waited six weeks as Jake, 35, slept, weathering medical scares, emotionally crippling diagnoses, and difficult choices.

Then, Jake awoke. Three weeks later, he smiles. He laughs. He recognizes visitors. He does more each day.



Jake Update: 4/21/16

International High Five Day

It’s International High Five Day so High Five everyone! Jake continues to improve daily. He had PT today and did really well. He asked if he can try walking so that’s on tap for tomorrow so he just leveled up his Bad-ass Cloak for 2+ Hit Damage.

The Ft. Myers NewsPress was in with him today to finish their story for the front page of this Sundays edition! They said to me that Jake’s story is so inspiring he deserves the cover! Which is a true story. More to come on that.

Keep visiting. He loves it. Thank you to everyone who has visited. I hear about it every day and I can’t tell you THANK YOU enough. I’ll personally thank each and every one of you when I’m there next weekend. I’ll set up something for Friday or Saturday night. More to come in that.

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