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Between Jake and A Miracle: The Last Post

Jake and Jason in Hannibal Mo. 1982
Jake and Jason in Hannibal Mo. 1982

This is probably my last post on Jake’s social media empire I built for him, well technically his bad ass miracle sort of drove the design and implementation and drove me to do it. Don’t worry, there will be others filling in for me should Jake reach another amazing milestone but now that he’s home with his wife and kids there really isn’t a lot left to say or for me to do. This is a long one but alas, the last and then I will fade off into obscurity where I came from, where I belong and to be honest prefer. What follows is less about Jake and more about me. It doesn’t always have to be about Jake people! Well it is about Jake, it’s about Jake and what he gave me. What I hope Jake gave all of you, but about me none-the-less. Jake gave me Faith, a second chance and a new outlook on life. All things I can never repay him for. Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care. But if you want to know what the last 4 months have been like for someone on the outside looking in, give it a chance. All of this I’ve done was so that some day Jake could read back at the adventure he was on. So HEY Jake. Love you bro.

Webster’s dictionary defines love as…
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Jake’s story makes Playboy!

Jake’s story has been everywhere but maybe my most proud moment as a big brother is seeing his article on!

The 35-year-old army veteran and former sheriff’s deputy came out of the terrifying coma — being technically dead for 15 minutes will earn that description — with flying colors by immediately recognized his wife and two children. But the part of the story the family will forever remember, and now tell with a smile and a tear, is how Booth’s first words once conscious was, “I want Taco Bell.”

Jake Booth Feature in the Ft. Myers News Press


Jake Booth and his story of inspiration, triumph, bravery and a miracle. This will also be on the cover of the Ft. Myers News Press this Sunday (4/24/16). Video at the link as well.

If he had taken the last six pills in his prescription bottle, Jake Booth may not have needed the miracle that returned him to his family.

Had he finished his course of antibiotics, his family believes he could have avoided the heart attack, the coma, the feeding tubes and much of the agony the family’s been through.

While Jake was in a coma for 42 days, doctors didn’t think the Bonita Springs resident would ever wake. But his wife, Jasmine Stanley, never gave up.

“I know Jake will be OK,” she said, as he dozed in the bed at Promise Hospital in Fort Myers. “I just know it. I truly, truly believe it, despite evidence to the contrary. ”

Jasmine, Jake’s brother, parents and friends from Minnesota to Florida waited six weeks as Jake, 35, slept, weathering medical scares, emotionally crippling diagnoses, and difficult choices.

Then, Jake awoke. Three weeks later, he smiles. He laughs. He recognizes visitors. He does more each day.


Jake Update: 4/21/16

International High Five Day

It’s International High Five Day so High Five everyone! Jake continues to improve daily. He had PT today and did really well. He asked if he can try walking so that’s on tap for tomorrow so he just leveled up his Bad-ass Cloak for 2+ Hit Damage.

The Ft. Myers NewsPress was in with him today to finish their story for the front page of this Sundays edition! They said to me that Jake’s story is so inspiring he deserves the cover! Which is a true story. More to come on that.

Keep visiting. He loves it. Thank you to everyone who has visited. I hear about it every day and I can’t tell you THANK YOU enough. I’ll personally thank each and every one of you when I’m there next weekend. I’ll set up something for Friday or Saturday night. More to come in that.

#JakeIsAwake #Miracles

It’s a New Day, Yes it is!

Today was a good day! First and foremost Jake Booth had his Trach removed, which is step one towards finally this guy a case of tacos from Taco Bell, some meatball subs from Subway, some Arby’s Beef and Cheddars and some chocolate milk. Jake sat on the edge of the bed. He sat in a chair and went outside for some fresh air and to work on his tan. He had ice-chips and swallowed with no problems. He also had apple juice and apple sauce with no problems. A very good day I’d say!


Jake Update: 4/18/16


Jake Update: Jake Booth continues to improve daily. May remove tracheostomy tomorrow or Wednesday **Jason crosses fingers**. Almost Taco-Time bro. Had dialysis today so he’s probably exhausted. Other than that things are pretty good I’d say.

In other news I will be there in Ft. Myers from late Thursday, April 28 to Monday, May 2. I will be bringing Jake’s Hat. I can’t wait to give it back. Not sure if he knows about the hat or even cares about the hat. It’s important to me and I have to remind myself that he wasn’t in on the joke because he was napping. It’s symbolic. I stole it, told everyone I’d give it back when he asked me for it or he TOOK it back. Mocked him and his preeeeeciouuuuus. It’s happening. An honest to God miracle and I get to give it back. Symbolic. Look it up.

Got word today Jake will finally be featured in the Ft. Myers News Press. Look for it Sunday. On the cover. 🙂 I think this maaaaay be tentative but it looks like it’s happening. I put it here at the end just in case it’s not because this is more of a diary for Jake than anything else so when something happens I put it here. He’ll read this all at some point. Love you buddy. But… got word today that it’s a go. So… The Miracle in Fort Myers is going to go Global! Front page baby! Everyone needs a Miracle and Jake’s is Legit.

See you soon buddy.

#JakeIsAwake #Miracles