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Southwest Florida Taco Bell Franchisees Donate $2,500

We would like to thank Carlos Silva, COO of Prometheus Franchise Restaurant Holding Inc. aka Southwest Florida Taco Bell for presenting Jake with not only a $2,500 check into his GoFundMe but gift cards worth $250! It was incredibly sincere and heartfelt. Clearly they’ve been following along with Jake’s miracle.


“Carlos Silva, COO of Prometheus Franchise Restaurant Holding. The Clearwater-based company owns Taco Bell franchises throughout Southwest Florida. Along with Jose Durant, Fort Myers district manager, and Shawn Finehout, area manager, brought a check, for $2,500, and a side of gift cards totaling $250 for Jake Booth to enjoy tacos whenever the craving hits… We know you have a long road ahead,” Silva said. “We’re very proud of you.”

Click over to watch the video. Thank you The News-Press for covering this.


Jake and His Taco Bell Gets 1,300,000 Views and Counting!

ONE MILLION views on the NowThis video. A million people thinking about Jake Booth getting better. I can feel it. Can you feel it? I tried to reply to every comment. But ran out of gas. Pretty funny stuff. Thank you Tyler for starting all of this with the Reddit post.