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Southwest Florida Taco Bell Franchisees Donate $2,500

We would like to thank Carlos Silva, COO of Prometheus Franchise Restaurant Holding Inc. aka Southwest Florida Taco Bell for presenting Jake with not only a $2,500 check into his GoFundMe but gift cards worth $250! It was incredibly sincere and heartfelt. Clearly they’ve been following along with Jake’s miracle.


“Carlos Silva, COO of Prometheus Franchise Restaurant Holding. The Clearwater-based company owns Taco Bell franchises throughout Southwest Florida. Along with Jose Durant, Fort Myers district manager, and Shawn Finehout, area manager, brought a check, for $2,500, and a side of gift cards totaling $250 for Jake Booth to enjoy tacos whenever the craving hits… We know you have a long road ahead,” Silva said. “We’re very proud of you.”

Click over to watch the video. Thank you The News-Press for covering this.


Taco Bell Corporate Sends Jake 102 Handwritten Cards!

Just got a package in the mail from Taco Bell corporate in Irvine, CA.

There were 102 cards individually written with wishes for a complete recovery for Jake. Most are grateful for his service and appreciative of his fondness for Taco Bell.

Thank you all for your love for Jake and your prayers for his continued recovery. Keep your eyes open as he just may show up in corporate.

Jake’s story makes Playboy!

Jake’s story has been everywhere but maybe my most proud moment as a big brother is seeing his article on Playboy.com!

The 35-year-old army veteran and former sheriff’s deputy came out of the terrifying coma — being technically dead for 15 minutes will earn that description — with flying colors by immediately recognized his wife and two children. But the part of the story the family will forever remember, and now tell with a smile and a tear, is how Booth’s first words once conscious was, “I want Taco Bell.”


Jake Booth Loves Taco Bell Link Roundup

Jake Booth has become a viral sensation with the story of his first words of “I want Taco Bell ” after he miraculously woke up from a 48 day coma. His story of a coma, a miracle and Taco Bell has swept the internet and is just about everywhere! Here are some of the links we’ve found. If I missed any please leave it in the comments.

Don’t forget we need everyone to donate to his GoFundMe!

The Huffington Post
Time Magazine
Fox News
Inside Edition
Metro U.K.
Fox5 San Diego

Jake Gets 1,500,000 Hits On His Taco Video!

13179333_1076011305775071_3720857042931935890_nThe counter keeps going up and up and up on his NowThis video… unfortunately his GoFundMe isn’t going up and up and up.

Even though Jake is AWAKE he’s got a long way to go before he’s out of danger. He needs a lot of physical therapy for everything from his speech, writing his name and even just walking to working on his memory loss and dialysis 3 times a week. So please don’t think that just because things have moved from negative to positive that he doesn’t need your help with a donation today. Even a single dollar will help him and his family and will go a long way to paying some of his medical bills, purchase medical equipment he’ll need in his home and future therapy.



It’s a New Day, Yes it is!

Today was a good day! First and foremost Jake Booth had his Trach removed, which is step one towards finally this guy a case of tacos from Taco Bell, some meatball subs from Subway, some Arby’s Beef and Cheddars and some chocolate milk. Jake sat on the edge of the bed. He sat in a chair and went outside for some fresh air and to work on his tan. He had ice-chips and swallowed with no problems. He also had apple juice and apple sauce with no problems. A very good day I’d say!